Tuesday, October 5, 2010


During the recent heat wave I was man shopping on that website again and while I was on there a young man popped up to IM me. What'ev I didn't have anybody else to talk to since as everybody knows, I am alone. I began chatting with him.

He began with flattery complimenting me on my looks, sure I have time for that. It turns out he was from the LA area. He actually claimed to live in Beverly Hills. Oh and he was the creative director for some, I'm sure, nonexistent company. I think he told me these things to try and impress me- I didn't care. Clearly, because it was so hot the conversation kept going back to the heat. I am obviously clueless because I didn't realize that it was giving him a reason to talk about how hot he was and how he was laying around in his boxers. I told him that I was fine because I had air conditioning, one of the perks of my new apartment. He said that his place was built in the 30's so it didn't have AC. Maybe if he lived in the Valley he could have an apartment with AC. Sucks for him. I also told him that we have a huge pool here...he asked if he could come over to go skinny dipping- what? Who are these guys?

In between flipping through the television stations he made some other comments attempting to gear the conversation in a sexual direction. Was this guy for real? He seriously thought that we would have some sort of sexIMing session. Well I just didn't have time for that I was busy catching up on my very important TV watching, probably along the Jersey Shore line (we can't miss JWOWW and Sammy throwing down now can we? priorities people). I asked him if he thought I was that type of girl and he said "nay." Just like a horse he rode off into the sunset. Interestingly he didn't want to talk to me anymore. Gone, poof.

I'm glad he was really looking for something serious. After that I felt dirty just from being connected to him through the internet. There aren't any computer transmitted diseases (CTD's) yet are there? Oh yeah, he was short too.

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